The Fabulous Five Blog Hop Post

This is where I pop by blog hop cherry, woohoo!


I’ve been invited to participate in this blog hop by Gillian St Kevern. I first met Gillian while participating in the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s 2014 Love’s Landscapes event. I was lucky enough to have her beta my story, and also beta-ed hers. Gillian’s contribution to the event is a pulp fiction detective story called, ‘The Case of the Insufferable Slave.’ It can be downloaded for free here. If you’d like to follow Gillian’s blog, you can find her at Books After Dark.


What Am I Working On?

I’m currently writing a story for a Holiday Anthology. I’m scribbling away at it and it still needs a title, which will likely pop into my head as I’m writing the book. This fic is meant to be a one off with the climax of the story ending around a Christmas or New Year’s event, my muse hasn’t decided yet.  

The story is about Ryan and Boone. Ryan is in the closet and Boone has crushed on him since they met. Ryan gets into a car accident where he suffers a concussion. Because of his deep denial, Ryan has never acted on his crush for Boone, but now he does for his own reasons. However, it’s rather awkward for Boone since he thinks somehow the accident has affected Ryan’s brain. It has, but not in the way Boone thinks. There’s hesitation, slow burn, stupid behavior and well, you’ll just have to read it, lol.


How Does My Work Differ From Other Writers?

I suppose I could give some deep philosophical reasons how I’m unique amongst writers, but my real answer is, I haven’t got a clue! Since I’m new to writing I’m sure my style of writing will change over time, I’ve already seen it change between my first published work and the one I’m currently working on. I can tell you I prefer my stories to be contemporary, everyday people, with everyday relationship issues. There isn’t going to be a huge mystery or intergalactic war, although that may change. I’d love to try my hand at a shifter story someday. My stories are about people like you and me muddling their way through life. They make stupid mistakes that will make you want to smack them upside the head but by the end of the story, they’ll have worked out their issues.


Why Do I Write What I Do?

I love HEAs simple as that. There’s too much sadness in the world already, I want my stories to be an escape from all that, to give people hope that yes, things can work out. I want people to feel that even if things aren’t perfect, they can laugh at the world, themselves and make it through to the other end.


How Does My Writing Process Work?

 I was just chatting with a blogger friend about this the other day. Anyway, we got to discussing pantsters and plotters. You know, those writers that like to fly by the seat of their pants, they start writing and let the story take them wherever it wants to go. Then there are the plotters, those writers that like to make an outline first and follow it. Well, I know I’m not a plotter, it’s too confining. However, I’m not sure I’m actually a pantster either. My blogger friend called me a ‘Layer Writer,’ lol.

To give you an idea, my writing usually looks like this. My muse is almost always triggered by an image, next would be a topic. I’ll immediately get a flash of the beginning and the end of the story and one character’s voice will jump out and start talking. He doesn’t even have to be the main character. I’ll start writing in what I call my ‘chicken scratch.’ I’ll write the very basics of ‘he said this, the other mc said that. They’ll stand in the living room. He’ll walk over there.’

I suppose in a way that’s an outline, but it’s not exactly an outline because I’ll do this for every different scene and it’s not very structured. The scenes can be scattered throughout the story and I’ll have vast holes where I haven’t figured out what is going to happen yet. Maybe just an idea of “I’d like to have this in the story,” so the idea sits in the back of my mind. I’ll jump from one scene to the next randomly and fill them out. I may go back to a previous scene, fleshing it out with more dialogue or whatever hits me. Then switch to another scene. Maybe I’ll go back and add details of the location or clothing. In this way I think I’m a panster. But almost always, my stories start with the beginning, the end and with one character talking. If I don’t get that in a flash, then there’s no story. I would be forcing the writing and the story won’t sound natural and the characters won’t talk.

I spoke with another writer who mentioned that he’d seen a documentary on Picasso and the way he painted. Picasso didn’t paint the canvas in any methodical way. He’d move around randomly, one brush stroke here and another there. The painting wouldn’t make sense until more and more of the brush strokes were laid down on canvas, and then the observers would begin to see the image. I haven’t seen that documentary, but I’d say that is the closest explanation to how I write.

One last little tidbit. I’ve discovered I do my best writing from 1:00-3:00am which of course, wrecks havoc on my sleeping schedule.


Who’s Next on the Blog Hop?

I guess I fail here, lol. I don’t know that many writers and those that I do know have already participated in the hop. However, if you’d like me to tag you to participate, feel free to leave a message and I’ll add your link to this post.


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