Boughs of Evergreen

As you can tell I’m not much of a blogger since it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, but I bring news!

Soon after my story “If At First You Don’t Succeed” was written for the M/M Romance Group’s 2014 Love’s Landscapes DRitC event on Goodreads, I was contacted by Debbie McGowan, publisher and editor of Beaten Track Publishing, (Deb also happened to help beta my LL story). I was asked if I wanted to participate in a holiday anthology her company was putting out this year. I happily accepted. For the last few months I’ve been writing away and the story is complete, at least as far as writing it down. Next, I need to go back in and edit, check it over and then I’ll send the completed version to my first beta who is a long time friend and has been editing for me since I first started writing.

In the meantime enjoy the cover of the holiday anthology created by Tami Veldura. “Boughs of Evergreen” is available for pre-order October 1, 2014 from Beaten Track Publishing.

Here’s the link:

BoughsofEvergreen cover Tami Veldura


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