Burnt Wings – Flash Fiction

Over on Goodreads, the M/M Romance group has something called Flash Fiction where writers pen stories no longer than 100 words to a posted image. The image which I haven’t posted here, is of a dark haired young man in a dark tank top and pants. He sits in profile on a buildings ledge, his dark wings burning in yellow and orange behind him. In the background are the hazy images of tall skyscrapers and a dark sky. On his left foot sits a crow/raven. Here is my drabble to this image:


Gideon glared at the raven.“Don’t say it,” he snarled.

“I told you so,” spoke the raven.

Gideon flopped onto his back and stared up at the night sky.

“I told you to stay away from the hu-mans and their fire explosions, especially when they’re celebrating.”

“But they were so pretty.” Gideon thought back to the beautiful blue pinwheel that scorched his wings. “So many different sparkly colors.”

A flutter of feathers and Gideon’s best friend, Marquis, sat near him.

“You’re going to look like hell until you molt,” Marquis said.

Gideon threw his arm over his eyes. “Don’t remind me.”


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