Cover Reveal – Evan’s Christmas Surprise (IAFYDS #1.1)

Evan's Christmas Surprise

I’ve been working on a short Christmas fic starring Evan, Julien and Michael. The title is Evan’s Christmas Surprise, and is IAFYDS #1.1 in the lives of Evan and Julien.  This is a free short story that I’ll post here, on my blog before Christmas. Afterwards it will be available for free download from ARe and/or Smashwords. In the meantime, it’s time to reveal the cover for the story. The cover is designed by me, image is from


Julien’s had another brilliant idea, this one to ring in the Christmas holiday. Evan doesn’t have the faintest clue his boyfriend has a surprise planned for him when he arrives home from work.

In order to pull off his scheme, Julien’s going to need help. His reluctant cohort assists him, and in the end, gets a good look into the wild and wacky world of his new friends.


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