Reeling Him In

What’s that subject title you ask? Well, it’s the title to the summer anthology story I’m currently writing for Beaten Track Publishing. Deb, my editor and the publisher of Beaten Track, put out a call for some fun summer reading and I decided to submit a story. I cranked out 7.3k in about five days and am giving my story a bit of a rest and opportunity to reformulate itself in my mind. There’s no telling how big the story will grow, but I’m guessing over 10k.

Remember how it took me a while to find a title for “A Little Christmas Magic?” This story title came to me in an instant and it was the characters that were hiding their names. The first character name to pop in my head was “Bentley,” and wait for it… Bentley is a Seal Point Siamese. Actually Bentley is a side character but he and Kyle’s best friend, who is yet nameless, are the most chatty characters in the story so far.

If you’d like to see who the characters are and other tidbits about the story, head over to my pinterest where I have images up to enjoy. As usual the info is in flux and will change as the story evolves.

Feel free to post comments on the pics about what you think about the characters or even questions. I’ll be happy to answer 🙂


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