Quick Update

Whew! Working on two fics at the same time is hard work, I don’t know how some authors do it.

It’s about time I updated everyone on where I am with my writing. First, “Aligning North” my summer fic for Beaten Track Publishing’s summer anthology is complete. It’s currently getting betaed and I’m making edits, but it is finished.

Now that I’m finished with that story, I can devote my full attention to my LOR fic. A lot of the first two chapters I had already written, and they are ready for beta checking. The rest of the fic is all plotted out, something I don’t normally do ahead of time because I’m more of a pantster. There are probably a few sections I want to rearrange within their chapters or move to another chapter, but it’s pretty much just sitting down and typing down the scenes.

“Top Floor” is currently at 12k and that is just with two chapters written and the outline for the rest of the story. I’ve come to find that I write chapters approximately 2-4k in length and I have at least 10-12 chapters left to write. Which means lots more writing to do. If I’m lucky, I can type 1k a day, after a while my wrists start to ache and I need to take a day off. So I may need to ask for an extension, but I have every intention to complete this fic. I like the prompt and I love what I’ve got planned out so it’s onward and upward!

I’ll pop back on at some point when I can tear myself away from writing.


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