Top Floor Progress

I’m back with an update on how Top Floor, my 2015 LOR fic, is moving along. I’m going to ‘pantster’ this blog post and come back later to edit it when I have more free time, what you’re getting when you read this is straight from the brain ūüôā

It’s been awhile so I’ll fill you in on the characters¬†for Top Floor. I have to tell you when I started writing I¬†figured there would only be about five characters that needed to be brought up, but as the story grew more and more people were pulled into the orbit of the two MC’s. The two MC’s are: Shawn O’Reilly an eighteen year old Irishman who turns nineteen in three months, and Harrison Devaux a thirty-one year old intelligent, rich, sauve, and at the beginning of the story, bitter, heart-broken man.

You may wonder why Harrison is in his early thirties. I hadn’t planned it that way, he started out around twenty-five, but unfortunately that didn’t work. As more of his personality evolved, he grew more experienced, he’s been rich his entire¬†life¬†and has had dealings in the business world since he graduated college if not a bit before. He is one of the richest men in NYC, and is highly respected for his business acumen. In the end twenty-five years old was way to young, especially when the idea popped into my head of why he secluded himself away in his penthouse and drank a lot revealed itself to me. It was the only¬†age Harrison could be for his character’s background and the relationship to be realistic.

As to the rest of the characters, there are at least thirteen¬†others that pop up by name and I’m sure a few more will show up by the end.

Currently the story is at 30k and I just finished Chapter 9. Chapter 11 and 12 are written with Chapter 13 almost complete. There are three more chapters needed, and an epilogue. I’ll be working on Chapter Ten today and hope I can finish it tonight, it’s an extremely emotional scene between Shawn and Harrison and that’s probably why I’ve been a bit dreading to write it. Chapter Nine was the lead up and that was difficult too.

I’ll try to keep everyone up to date but as you can see, I’m super busy. To top it off an author friend, Alexis Woods, and I picked up an orphaned LOR prompt and I’ve got ideas flying around in my head that are screaming at me to write down. I’m sending the ideas to Alexis to get her opinion and we’ll throw more ideas at each other when she reads them.

Lastly, please take a look at the lovely blog post author Gillian St. Kevern wrote about the Top Floor prompt I picked up:

Bye for now!


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  1. Misty

    Thanks for this update K.C. et bon courage *^_^*

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