Cover Reveal – Metamorphic Heart

I’ve been busy working on a second story for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s Love is an Open Road DRitC event with my co-author Alexis Woods. We grabbed a prompt about a Gorgon and a Greek warrior returned to life. The title Alexis and I decided on for this story is Metamorphic Heart. The story is currently at around 90k and will likely grow to around 100k.

We were lucky to get the talented Noah Homes to create an awesome Greek warrior cover for the book. The story is almost completed, we’re down to writing the final chapter and the epilogue. Part of the story is already at the editor’s and the rest is with our betas. Hopefully Heart will be out in  2-3 weeks, so keep a look out here, on this blog, because I’ll post when it’s released.

If you’d like to check out the prompt, it’s located here: Dear Author – Dayton  If you can’t access the Goodreads thread with all it’s great comments and pictures because you aren’t a member, here’s the story prompt Dayton posted along with the cover.

Metamorphic Heart

Dear Author,
Around the museum, the streets were filled with the din of the city. Cars honked noisily, drunken revellers heckled and laughed. Somewhere in the darkness, the wail of a police siren called out.

Inside the museum it was quiet. Moonlight streamed in through a skylight, bathing the Grecian exhibit in a pearlescent glow. At the exhibit’s centre was the sculpture of a young man, who was garbed in warrior gear. As the moon’s luminescent beams danced across his muscular body, the statue began to change. The milky marble evaporated, replaced with hue of tanned skin. The sculpture moved.

He was a statue no longer; he was a man once again.

The warrior sucked in a breath, filling his lungs for the first time in centuries. He blinked his eyes, and surveyed his surroundings.

The last thing he remembered was fighting the gorgon that had been plaguing his village. He was about to cut the monster’s head off, and then… nothing.

That’s when he realised how terrible his situation was. Those lucky enough to awaken from a gorgon’s curse did not live for long. Inside his chest, his heart was still set in stone. The enigmatic energies that had revived him, would not sustain him for long. If he wished to restart his unbeating heart, he would have to find and kill the gorgon responsible for cursing him.

But first he needed to find himself an ally; someone to help him manoeuvre through the strange modern world…




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