Top Floor Released!

Gather round everyone! I have news on Top Floor, my contribution to the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s 2015 Love is an Open Road event.

I previously posted that I’d selected a prompt about the Roaring Twenties. This prompt was submitted by Misty. Now the story is out and there are numerous places you can download the story for FREE. Here are a couple:

If you are a member of the M/M Romance Group, you can read the story online in the Goodreads group: Top Floor

For those of you who prefer to read Top Floor on an ereader, you can download the story in different formats from here:

I also created a pinterest board to inspire me while writing Top Floor. If you’d like to see many of the items and people in the story, here is the pinterest link: Pinterest Top Floor

If you haven’t seen the cover yet, this is it. One of my hobbies is graphics and I have made many of the covers of my books. Here is also the official blurb to the story. Even if you don’t like historicals, please give Top Floor a try. I love Harrison and Sean and I hope you will too.



At the age of sixteen, Sean O’Reilly started over in America after the influenza epidemic of 1919 killed his entire family back in Ireland. It has taken three years, but he’s built a new life for himself in Manhattan, rising from Bell Hop to Room Service Boy at the Astraea, a hotel for the wealthy. He loves his job, and life is good, until the fateful day his manager discovers a secret— a secret that could ruin Sean and everything he’s worked for.

Among the richest men in New York City, one Harrison Devaux, a cranky recluse, keeps secrets of his own in the penthouse of the Astraea. No one knows why he never leaves his suite, but rumors circulate about his constant state of drunkenness and his willy-nilly firing of employees.

Sean is assigned to attend Mr. Devaux, and events don’t go well when the two men first meet. But Sean soon finds out that Mr. Devaux isn’t exactly as the rumors portrayed. Maybe a Room Service Boy and a billionaire businessman have more in common than one might expect.


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