Metamorphic Heart Released

The long wait is over everyone. Metamorphic Heart has just been released 😀  I wrote Heart with Alexis Woods for the Goodreads M/M Romance group’s Love is an Open Road event. Heart is a  contemporary romance story containing action, a mystery, mythology, danger, sex and of course love.

At over 115k, Metamorphic Heart is both my, and Alexis’, longest novel either of us has written. I had a sneaking suspicion that the story would end up over 50k when we started, but I had no idea it was going to grow as large as it did. The growth of Kase and Aleksandr’s relationship, plus the mystery in deciphering the poem that’s a major focus of the story, needed to play out.

If you’re interested in reading the tale of an ancient greek warrior brought to life in modern times, and how he and his modern partner figure the way to break an ancient curse, Metamorphic Heart is the read for you 🙂 You can read Heart for FREE! The M/M Romance group has provided downloads and online reading. The online read is available at this link:

Metamorphic Heart

If you prefer to download the story and read it on your ereader, it’s also available here in multiple formats:

Multiple format links

As always for my stories, I create a pinterest page which can be viewed here:  Heart Pinterest

I’d like to especially thank Dayton for the prompt that inspired both Alexis and I on this story, and I also want to shout out to Noah Homes, graphic artist and author, who made the gorgeous cover.  Thanks Noah! 🙂

Metamorphic Heart



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