Is it Really August Already?


Glowing Coals


I can’t believe it’s August! July just flew by. I know I mentioned I’d make a post about how I came to write Aligning North back in July, but I got distracted. Instead, I plan on setting some time aside this month to write the post.

The campfire is dying at Camp Nano and I was somewhat successful at attaining my writing goal. I wrote about 8k and my goal was 10k, so I think I did pretty good.

Recently I was interviewed by J. Scott Coatsworth, writer and administrator of the Facebook group, Queer Sci Fi. The group is focused on the discussion and promotion of LGBT sci fi, fantasy and paranormal fiction. Scott posted the interview on his blog today. He had great questions for me. If you go to his blog post you’ll also find a giveaway. It’s for one copy of Aligning North, my M/M summer romance set in Yosemite National Park, so head over to Scott’s blog and post a comment.

Until next time, for those in the northern hemisphere, I hope you enjoy your summer!




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