Smashwords Sale

Smashwords is having a sale. This one runs from March 4-10 and Beaten Track Publishing authors have numerous books at a great discount. Check out the author list to find out which books are on sale.


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Crossing Lines

Inglorious Bitches

WARNING: this post relates specifically to the [redacted] subgenre of romance and the alleged exposure of [redacted name] as a catfish who purported a cancer ridden, heroin addicted bisexual single father of two non existent children  for the purpose of economic gain.

People in this “community” will understand the post and although we are happy to provide names in private we’d rather not do so in public for fear of repercussions.

We will be using the word “author” in inverted commas to signify that this is not all authors in this [redacted subgenre]. Likewise we are using inverted commas when using the word “community” (nest of vipers comes to mind as a better descriptor but we’ll keep it simple)  to distinguish this particular corner from the larger [redacted] community.

There are many fantastic and honest people in [redacted subgenre] this post is not about them and if anything we…

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Happy 2018!

Wishing you wonderful adventures and happy times with family and friends this coming year. Happy New Year, everyone!


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Merry Christmas and a Free Book

How is everyone’s holiday going so far? My husband and I are visiting my mother and sister for Christmas but will be home for the New Year.

In the spirit of the season, I’d like to gift one of my books. Head on over to Smashwords and download A Little Christmas Magic, for free from December 25, 2017 ­ to January 1, 2018. In addition, many fellow authors with Beaten Track Publishing are also offering or are discounting some of their books for the holiday season. You’ll need a code to download them. 

The codes are:
EY100 (free)
SEY50 (50% off)

Download A Little Christmas Magic   and then check out the other Beaten Track Publishing books available.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!








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Bi Visibility eBook Sale

In honor of Bi Visibility Day on September 23, 2017 and Bi Week September 17-24th, my publisher, Beaten Track Publishing is having a sale and will also hold a Rafflecopter giveaway.

All ebooks that

  • Feature at least one bisexual main character
  • Present positive portrayals of / explore issues relevant to bisexual (or other non-monosexual) people.

are 50% off. BTP publishes authors that write across all genres.

Take a look at Beaten Track Publishing’s  site, find a new author, and check out the books. You won’t be disappointed.


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I’m Not Going to Be Nice About this Shit



Hillary Clinton’s book, What Happened? is due to be released September 12th, but some passages have already leaked.  One, in particular, has gotten a lot of press.  You can read it above.  Headlines such as “Clinton Blasts Sanders” make it sound as if she says terrible things about him.  Of course, any time a woman says anything less than adulatory about a man, she’s being a shrew and a bitch, she’s castrating him, she’s “blasting” him.  But look at what Clinton really says.

  1.  She and Bernie Sanders agreed on so much.
  2. Sanders shared her horror at Trump becoming President.
  3. She appreciated Sanders’ campaigning for her in the general election.
  4. Sanders was correct that Democrats needed to strengthen their emphasis on working families.
  5. Sanders was correct that, due to our insane campaign finance system, there’s always a danger of spending too much time courting donors.
  6. Sanders engaged a lot of young…

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Interview Roulette

What’s Interview Roulette? It’s where author Kim Fielding interviews authors with random questions and today was my chance to play the game on her blog. I’ll provide the link and if you visit it, one of the things you’ll find out is what Harry Potter house I was put into.

Go and find out more about me at K Fielding Writes

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Blog Update

This is just a quick post to say this blog is still open even though I haven’t posted much. I changed the header and background this evening.

On the writing front, not much new. I’m working on some ideas but the character who I want for the main MC doesn’t want to cooperate and it’s the second MC who wants to take over the story which isn’t what I want. So in the meantime I’ve hit a stalemate.

Before I go, Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who are mothers to any two legged, four-legged or more-legged beings. I hope your day is a good one 🙂

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Happy New Year!

Here’s hoping 2017 turns out better than 2016. Wishing you good times, good friends and wonderful memories. May you have a very happy 2017!


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The All Romance Fiasco

If you’ve been following the All Romance ebook retailer scandal, here’s a thorough blog post that gives good information on what’s happening.

All Romance Steals


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