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Merry Christmas

Christmas is almost here in my part of the world. I’d like to wish all of you Happy Holidays for whichever holiday you may celebrate. I hope you are surrounded by good people, happy times and whatever else your heart desires.

Merry Christmas, from me to you!


Happy Holidays


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Evan’s Christmas Surprise (IAFYDS #1.1)

Christmas is only a few days away and Evan, Julien, Michael and myself, would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday if you’re celebrating something other than Christmas. (“Stop snickering, Julien. You know that’s not what I meant.)

I’ve decided to offer the PDF of this story here on this post. At some point I’ll upload the epub and mobi versions to Smashwords/ARe. If you’d like the technical info of this story, it’s listed on Goodreads at this link here .

The FREE pdf download link of this story is at the end of the story.

Without further ado, here is Evan’s Christmas Surprise.


Julien’s had another brilliant idea, this one to ring in the Christmas holiday. Evan doesn’t have the faintest clue his boyfriend has a surprise planned for him when he arrives home from work.

In order to pull off his scheme, Julien’s going to need help. His reluctant cohort assists him, and in the end, gets a good look into the wild and wacky world of his new friends.


 EVAN’S CHRISTMAS SURPRISE (IAFYDS #1.1)Evan's Christmas Surprise

Evan whistled a cheerful Christmas tune as he strode up the walkway to his and Julien’s apartment.  He could see the living room’s light shining against the closed drapes, which meant Julien was home and cooking dinner. Just thinking about one of Julien’s delicious meals made his mouth water.

Sticking the key in the lock, Evan twisted it, and pushed. The door didn’t move. Evan tried again, but it still wouldn’t budge. He twisted the key left then right, but again nothing. Perplexed, he rang the bell.

“Julien, Julien, are you in there?”

Rustling came from inside the apartment. Was Julien asleep, or was he in trouble? Was that the reason the door wouldn’t open?

“Julien, are you okay? What’s going on? Open up.”

“I’m fine. Just a minute!”

Evan pressed his ear to the door and strained to make out what was happening. The sound of a second, deeper voice surprised him, and he concentrated harder.


“Give me a hand.”

“Uh, I don’t think—”

“Never mind, I’ll do it.”

What was going on in there? And who was with Julien? It didn’t sound like any of their friends. Evan punched at the doorbell, the chime ringing loud and clear through the door. “Julien, I don’t know what you’re doing, but open up, now!”

After a pause a click sounded on the other side and the safety catch clattered. The door eased open and Evan took a cautious step inside. The room was pitch black.

“Julien? Why are the lights off? They were on when I walked up.” Evan reached for the light switch.  A strong hand clamped down around his wrist, it’s grip tight. “Shit!” Evan jerked away, hauling back his arm, ready to defend himself.

“Evan, it’s me, Michael Garrett.”

Rattled, Evan’s heart hammered in his chest and the blood rushed in his ears. He scrambled to put a face to the name and voice. The firefighter, that’s who’s here. But why? Evan took a few deep breaths to gather his confused thoughts. “What the hell is going on? Where’s Julien? Why are you here, and why’s the room dark?” His voice was sharp and curt.

“Sorry I scared you,” Michael responded in a whisper, releasing Evan’s wrist. “Julien’s fine. He’s here in the room. He has a surprise for you and that’s why the lights are off.”

Despite the reassurance, concern for Julien’s safety still nagged at Evan. “Julien, are you all right?”

A muffled “Mm hmm,” came from further into the room.

Relief washed over Evan with Julien’s reply, followed one step behind by a silly thought. “Did he drag you into one of his schemes?” he asked, turning his head in the direction from which he’d heard Michael’s voice.

Michael cleared his throat. “Uh, yeah. You could say that,” he mumbled.

Evan sighed. “What’s he come up with this time?”

“Are you sure you’re ready to see it, or would you rather wait a couple minutes to catch your breath?”

A whine came from the darkest corner of the living room and Evan smiled. So that’s where the brat was hiding. “Give me a couple minutes here. That was quite a scare you gave me.”

A louder whine sounded from the same spot and Michael gave a low laugh. Evan was standing close enough to see the smirk playing on his lips.

“Sorry, I feel bad about scaring you like that, but the surprise needs a dark room, although I’m guessing your eyes are adjusting by now.”

Evan leaned to peek around Michael, but his tall, muscular body blocked Evan’s view of the corner. From what he could see, it looked like Julien had bought a Christmas tree and decorated it.  He was probably dying to show Evan his surprise.

“I’m ready now.”

“All right, I’ll be right back. Keep your eyes closed until I give the okay.”

“Right.” Evan nodded and closed his eyes, listening to Michael move away. A “click” sounded from the corner of the room and faint light illuminated his closed eyelids. He heard Michael return to stand next to him.

“I’m going to guide you over to the corner. Don’t open your eyes yet.”

Michael skillfully maneuvered Evan around the furniture in the living room and then brought him to a halt.



“You can open your eyes now.”

Evan blinked a few times—and burst out laughing.

From the top of Julien’s head to the tip of his toes, he was decked out in Christmas splendor. A pair of stuffed felt reindeer antlers with fabric mistletoe and silver bells sat upon his bleach-blond head and starred as the tree topper. Tiny colored twinkling fairy lights and silver garlands wrapped around his naked body all the way to the floor. Around his ankles, and covering his feet, circled a brilliant red tree skirt. The only oddities to “Julien, the Christmas Tree,” was the bright-orange ball gag in his mouth, and the large box wrapped in bright red holiday paper with its shining gold bow, that Julien held in his hands near his waist.

Evan took another slow scan over Julien from the antlers to the tree skirt and shook his head. He couldn’t believe Julien convinced Michael to help him with his crazy idea. Julien’s garbled words caught Evan’s attention.

“What is it, babe? Do you have an itch?”

A shake of Julien’s head sent the antlers swinging and bells ringing. Julien widened his eyes and looked toward the top of his head.

Evan and Michael laughed, shooting each other big grins.

“You don’t have an itch. Hmmm.” Evan rubbed his chin with his thumb and forefinger. “Are the lights too hot?”

Julien snorted and jabbered incoherently around the gag.

“I’ll take that as a ‘no’.”

Evan walked in a careful circle around Julien, stepping over the extension cord leading to the wall. Once he’d completed his circuit, he turned to Michael.

“Am I supposed to be looking for anything in particular or is this the surprise?”

Michael shook his head. “I can’t tell you. I was sworn to secrecy,” he replied, raising a finger to his lips.

Evan studied Julien again. “Does it have something to do with the tinsel? It looks prickly.” Evan reached out and ran his fingers over the stiff and shiny strand.

A high-pitched whine erupted from Julien and he stomped his foot, tripping in the tree skirt and unbalancing himself. Evan grabbed for him.

“Careful there, babe, you don’t want to destroy all of Michael’s hard work.”

Julien froze, only moving his eyes as he watched Evan and Michael chat.

“I kind of like him quiet in the corner, all decorated like this,” Evan said, facing Michael. “Maybe we should leave him here a while. Although I’m pretty sure he couldn’t stand still for long.”

“You could. He made dinner for you and it’s warming in the oven. If you’d like I could set the table and get the food, then leave you two alone.”

“That’s a thought.  But why not stay and keep me company? I’m guessing Julien planned to bribe you with food, if he hasn’t already. He probably expects you to stay and have dinner with us.” Evan’s quick look at Julien found Julien nodding.

Michael’s gaze shifted uncertainly from Evan to Julien. “Are you sure? I don’t want to interrupt anything…”

“Not a problem. Unless you have plans? We could eat as soon as we get Julien out of these decorations.”

“No nothing.”

“Good. Then let’s get him out of this.”

Evan turned to Julien and reached for the antlers.

Julien leaned back and shook his head.

“What is it? Do you want to stay dressed up as a tree?”

Julien gave a strong shake of his head and the antlers slid sideways.

Sighing, Evan reached for the ball gag. Again, Julien pulled away.

“I don’t know what you want, babe. You don’t want me to remove the gag or the decorations. You have to help me out here.”

Julien grumbled, then with his head, motioned at Michael toward Evan.

“Are you sure?” Michael asked. “I don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

Julien nodded.

Michael turned to Evan. “The surprise is in the Christmas box.”

“The box? I thought it was part of the decoration.”

Evan glanced at Julien, who rolled his eyes, then back at Michael.

“No, that was the reason for the tree.”

“I see.” Evan reached for the lid and a loud, awkward cough burst forth from Michael.  Evan stopped and looked at him. “Is there something I should know?”

Michael raised his hands. “Sorry. No more hints from me. But, I should leave you with your present.  If you’re okay with it, I can set the table and check on the food.”

Evan shrugged. “Sure. Switch on the lights if you could.”

Michael left the living room and flicked on the lights on his way to the kitchen.

Once Evan heard the oven door open, he turned back to Julien and the present he still held in his hands.

“You want me to open this?” Evan tapped the lid of the box a few times and Julien nodded.

He lifted the lid and peered inside. “Tissue paper? That’s the surprise?” He glanced from the box to Julien’s face a couple times.

Julien gave a snort and motioned with his chin at the box.

“Ah, okay. There’s something in here.” Evan smiled and with infinite slowness, removed one of the crumpled tissues. Something moved.

“Shit!” Evan jumped.  He cautiously leaned forward to squint inside. “There’s something alive in there. What the hell did you buy?”  he asked peering at Julien.

Muffled giggles erupted from Julien and his body shook with laughter.

Evan couldn’t help grinning. “I see. Should I go slow, or fast?”

Julien whined and his puppy dog eyes appeared.

“Slow it is then.” Evan chuckled at Julien’s squeal of frustration.

Piece after piece of crumpled tissue paper dropped to the floor until there was no more to toss out and there, in the middle of the box, was the surprise. Evan stared. A bark of laughter escaped his chest, and he shook his head over and over, a grin stretched ear to ear. “God, babe. Where do you get your wild ideas?”

Muffled sounds escaped from around the ball gag in Julien’s mouth.

“Hold still. Let me get that off.” Evan reached behind Julien’s neck, unfastened the gag and set it on the end table.

Unable to contain his excitement, Julien bounced on his toes. “Do you like your surprise?” he asked, his eyes bright with glee. “You can play with it if you want.”

“I can play with it, huh?” Evan took a step toward Julien and placed a firm kiss on his warm, full lips. He slid his hand in the box and wrapped his fingers around Julien’s hard cock. Evan nibbled his way along Julien’s stubbly chin and up to his ear. “Best present ever, babe,” he whispered.  Julien’s prick lay warm and heavy in Evan’s hand and he tightened his grip, running his thumb over the smooth, leaking head. Without warning, he pressed down hard over the slit.

A whimper escaped Julien’s throat and he thrust his hips forward.

Evan smirked against Julien’s neck then drew back. “None of that,” he said removing his hand. “Don’t want you falling over and getting all tangled in the decorations.

Julien groaned, the puppy eyes making another appearance. “Please?”

“No. We’ll save it for later.  I’d like Michael to stay for dinner and we can get to know him better. He seems like a nice guy.” Evan leaned over and whispered into Julien’s ear, “You can rewrap your present for me later tonight and I’ll unwrap it again.”

Julien grinned.

“Now, tell me what made you think of this ‘cock-in-the-box’ idea while I get you out of these decorations.” Evan reached up and straightened the fabric antlers on Julien’s head.

“It’s called ‘dick-in-the-box’ and it wasn’t my idea, it was Al’s.”

“Who’s Al?” Evan asked, stooping to remove the tree skirt from around Julien’s ankles.

“He’s another student in one of my classes. We had lunch together and he told me about the box idea. He did it for his boyfriend.”

“Sounds like he’s as crazy as you are,” Evan said standing back up.

“Oh no, he’s much better.” Julien nodded emphatically.

“Better?” Evan felt his eyebrows rise. “Heaven help his boyfriend.”

Julien laughed.

“Was it his idea for the tree too?”

“No, that was my idea.”

Evan glanced up from unwinding the lights and caught the smug smile on Julien’s face.

“I asked Michael to help me. It took forever to convince him. He was worried you’d get upset. He almost left when I got naked.”

Evan looked toward the dining room; Michael met his gaze and gave him a lopsided grin, then returned to setting the silverware.

“I think you gave him a crash course in ‘Julien 101’.” Evan let out a soft chuckle. “You know I wouldn’t get upset, I’m not the jealous type. I also know what you’re like when you get an idea in your head.” Evan placed a quick kiss on Julien’s nose.

“That’s what I told him,” Julien said in all seriousness. His arms free from the lights and garland, Julien laid his hand on Evan’s forearm and lowered his voice. “He’s kind of shy.”

“He doesn’t seem like it. How can you tell?”

“It’s like my gaydar.” Julien shrugged. “I know things.”

“All right. Thanks for the heads up, babe. I’ll talk to him and let him know everything’s cool.”

Julien smiled. “Great.”

Evan bent over and reached for the discarded box lid resting on top of the garland and lights on the floor. He peeled off the gold bow from the lid and straightened up. Reaching for Julien, he reeled him in, and wrapped his arms around Julien’s warm body. He ran his palm over the smooth skin of Julien’s butt and pressed the bow firmly above it with his other hand. “Now, get dressed and we’ll have some dinner. What did you make?”

A mischievous laugh bubbled forth from Julien. “Sausage and meatball casserole with penis pasta.  I also made Caesar salad.” He placed a quick peck on Evan’s lips then hurried to their bedroom, the sparkling gold bow stuck to his wiggling ass like a bunny’s tail, and the stuffed antlers bounced back and forth on his head.

Evan grinned as he watched Julien and his pert butt disappear around the corner. Julien always surprised and entertained him. His ideas may not always work out, but Evan was never bored.

“Would you like me to pour the wine?” Michael asked politely from the dining room where he stood holding a bottle of red wine next to the table and its neatly arranged dinner and place settings.

The rich, spicy aroma of marinara sauce drifted in Evan’s direction and his mouth watered. “If you want, feel free.”

Michael nodded and proceeded to uncork the bottle.

Now, while Julien dressed, was as good a time as any to thank Michael for helping with the surprise, and to reassure him that he wasn’t upset.  Evan took one last look at the garlands, lights, and the open red box, piled on the floor. He smiled at what remained of his early Christmas present.  Life was good.


Free PDF Download for Evan’s Christmas Surprise (IAFYDS #1.1) –   EvansChristmasSurprise-KCFaelan

Tree and Snow


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Cover Reveal – Evan’s Christmas Surprise (IAFYDS #1.1)

Evan's Christmas Surprise

I’ve been working on a short Christmas fic starring Evan, Julien and Michael. The title is Evan’s Christmas Surprise, and is IAFYDS #1.1 in the lives of Evan and Julien.  This is a free short story that I’ll post here, on my blog before Christmas. Afterwards it will be available for free download from ARe and/or Smashwords. In the meantime, it’s time to reveal the cover for the story. The cover is designed by me, image is from morguefile.com


Julien’s had another brilliant idea, this one to ring in the Christmas holiday. Evan doesn’t have the faintest clue his boyfriend has a surprise planned for him when he arrives home from work.

In order to pull off his scheme, Julien’s going to need help. His reluctant cohort assists him, and in the end, gets a good look into the wild and wacky world of his new friends.

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Evan and Julien Are Back!

If any of you have read my Love’s Landscapes story, “If At First You Don’t Succeed,” starring Evan Marshall and Julien Bouvet, they are back in a short Christmas story. Julien also coaxed Michael Garrett, the handsome firefighter to put in an appearance.

I hadn’t planned on writing a holiday fic about Evan and Julien, but Julien saw a prompt picture and well, you all know him. It was something he just couldn’t pass up, and once he gets an idea in his head, he won’t let go.

I plan to have the story posted here on my blog sometime during the next week. It all depends on how soon my beta readers can check it over for me.

In the meantime, enjoy the pinterest board I created for the story. At the moment it’s titled “Evan’s Christmas Surprise,” but that may change.

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Meet the Character – Ryan Forsyth

I’ve been tagged by Hunter Frost to participate with a group of very talented writers in the Meet the Character Blog Hop.


Hunter lost a bet at a blackjack table and begrudgingly traded temperate Southern California for the sweltering heat of Las Vegas. There she resides with an extremely tolerant boyfriend and two cats, Latte and Java. When she’s not dreaming of returning to coastal living, Hunter works on her MA thesis in British history and at her government day job. In order to appease her muse, she writes the kind of fiction that keeps her sane. She adores romance in all forms, but prefers her stories with two heroes that find their happily-ever-after with each other.

Hunter is the author of An Angel in Eyeliner (Beaten Track Publishing – part of Boughs of Evergreen: A Holiday Anthology due out November 2014).

BoughsofEvergreen cover Tami Veldura

All Mitch wants for Christmas is a quiet holiday free from grief.  Patching up the face of the target of a mugging in the back alley of his bar seems to throw that wish right out into the cold Chicago night. But the tatted, pierced, and skinny-jean wearing Keller Graham is fearless and proves to be more than a pair of icy blue eyes lined in black. Keller may be a thief, but Mitch never expected him to steal his lonely heart.

You can find Hunter on these media locations:

Website: www.hunterfrost.net
Blog: www.hunterfrost.net/honorablemention
Twitter: www.twitter.com/HunterFrostMM
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HunterFrostMM


Now it’s time to introduce you to Ryan Forsyth one of the MC’s of my book A Little Christmas Magic, also part of Boughs of Evergreen – A Holiday Anthology (Beaten Track Publishing, due out November 2014)


Who is Ryan?

Ryan is a Sports Physical Therapist and ex-varsity wrestler. He’s the type of guy who plans out his life and reaches all the goals he’s laid out for himself. He’s in his mid-twenties and hangs out with his buddies, Boone Ainsworth and Greg Hayes whom he’s known since junior high. Ryan’s so deep in the closet, he doesn’t have a clue that he is.

Where does A Little Christmas Magic take place?

It takes place around Silicon Valley, California. A few scenes take place at Ryan’s apartment, Tai’s family home and Boone’s duplex.

What won’t Ryan talk about?

Ryan doesn’t like talking about his feelings. He’s more of a hands-on, doer kind of guy and he doesn’t do emotions well. In fact, anything that causes him to think too hard about Boone, tends to give him migraines.

What’s Ryan’s Goal?

Well, that depends at what point in the story you’re asking about. Ryan has many goals, but the goals change throughout the story. Also the goals Ryan thinks are important, aren’t necessarily the ones he wants in the long run, but he needs to figure that out.

What’s His Problem?

Again, that depends. At various points in the story, Ryan has different problems. There are problems that happen that aren’t really problems, but they are too him because he can’t figure out why he’s upset. There are his fears he needs to face. And then there’s Boone. Those two end up creating some major problems between them that need settling.


Meet the Next Author:

Kathleen Hayes

Vancouver '10 086 Kathleen Hayes


Kathleen Hayes is a bit of an all around geek. She has mastered the art of procrastination, is owned by one crazy cat and is excited to have just added a fellow super geek to her clan. Kathleen loves to explore worlds – whether in her head or on the page. She welcomes you into her worlds and hopes you have as much fun there as she does!

Kathleen writes M/M Romance and poetry. Check her out at Romacing the Word! She loves to hear from y’all so if you have questions/comments/feedback comment on her blog, message her on goodreads or email her at kchayes54@gmail.com.

Her contribution to Boughs of Evergreen – A Holiday Anthology (November 2014) is The Bard and His Boyfriend

The Bard and His Boyfriend Cover

Seth is a member of an ancient clan of druids that have existed for over 5,000 years. The rituals they do at the changing of the seasons keep the very fabric of reality from unraveling. But as he goes home for the Winter Solstice, all he can think about is the huge fight he had with his boyfriend before he left school for the holiday break. Much to Seth’s surprise, Alejandro follows him home to apologize. When Seth tells him the truth about his heritage, Alejandro has to make a decision. Seth and Alejandro must work together to make sure that wherever they are spending the holidays – they are home with each other.

You can find Kathleen at any of these social media sites:

Email: kchayes54@gmail.com

Blog: khayes54.blogspot.com

Tumblr: kchayes54.tumblr.com

Livejournal: kathleen985.livejournal.com (poetry only)

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5096932.Kathleen_Hayes

Be sure to check out Kathleen next week on her blog!


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A Little Christmas Magic Cover Reveal

ALCMCoverIt’s time to reveal the cover for my next story, “A Little Christmas Magic” which is part of the Boughs of Evergreen A Holiday Anthology put out by Beaten Track Publishing. The anthology is available for pre-order October 1, 2014.

Here is some info on Beaten Track’s site www.beatentrackpublishing.com/?n1=publications&id=106

The cover is designed by myself. I was very happy to find this photo because it fit in well with how lights play a part in the story and how they personify the magic of Christmas for me.


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