The Author Hi!

I’m K.C. Faelan and I write M/M and LGBTQ Fiction. My writing can range from Contemporary, to Historical, and even Fantasy, but there’s always a bit of romance included. My characters are likely to be your average everyday person, at an everyday job. They’re smart with a good  sense of humor, easy on the eyes or average-looking, quirky, or rough around the edges. The people or even non-humanoids, can cover the spectrum in looks and personality, but they always find love and that special connection with their certain someone, or someones. Whoever I write about, they’ll get their HEA’s, even if  it may take awhile.

On this blog, in addition to excerpts from my stories, you’ll find character insights and quick drabbles starring the characters on an event happening in ‘real life.’  I’ll also be posting items that have nothing to do with stories, like an interesting video or quote.

I love scenes based around food and if you do too, there’s a tag that leads to “The Kitchen.” If you wander over there, you’ll find recipes featured in my stories or dishes I’ve made myself.

So, why not pour yourself a drink, sit down and get comfy, and follow along with us, to see where this blog’s adventures will take you?


DISCLAIMER: This blog centers around Erotica, M/M, BDSM and images dealing with those categories. Do not view or read this blog unless you are 18 years of age or older, or at the age of consent in your state or country. Do not read if the topics mentioned above offend you.


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