Kase – Journalist who works from home,  he’s also a bartender. A reenactor who’s skilled with the bow and arrow

Aleksandr – A Greek soldier once stone who’s been returned to human form by the gods. He needs to find and destroy the gorgon who turned him to stone within two weeks, or Aleksandr will return to stone, permanently this time.

Medon aka Taras – Once the lover of Aleksandr but rejected after a time, he became a gorgon to get revenge and also to keep from feeling any pain from his broken heart. He’s lived all these years.

Helene – Kase’s BFF and fellow reenactor

Branchus – The owner and bartender of Mykonos. He also happens to be half God, half mortal.

The Greek Gods – Hermes, Eros,





Harrison Devaux – Thirty-two, English-French American. Very intelligent and highly respected for his business acumen, One of the wealthiest men in New York City.

Sean O’Reilly – Eighteen years old at the time of the story. Irish immigrant came to America at age sixteen, when his entire family perished from influenza. Worked his way up from Bell Hop/Porter to Room Service Boy.

Henry and Anna Whitman – Room Service Boy at the Astraea and his wife Anna. Henry is twenty-one, a gentle soul, almost to the point of being naive, and protective of family and friends.

Patrick O’Shea – Room Service Boy at the Astraea and good friend of Sean’s. Twenty-two year old, second generation Irish-American. Confident, independent, irreverant, and street smart.

Isabel Greene aka Victoria Lark

Elise – Isabel’s, twenty-one year old French secretary. Elise is an artist.

Richard Trant – current manager of The Astraea

Mr. Ormsby – previous manager of The Astraea before Richard Trant

Charles Barnett – personal physician and friend of Harrison Devaux

Mr. Abis and Yosef Abis – Harrison Devaux’s personal tailor. Owner of Abis Tailors, Yosef is his son.

Karl Weston – Close business associate and friend of Harrison Devaux’s.

Theodore Bracher – Karl Weston’s assistant and companion


Andrew White – Harrison’s previous partner

Private Investigor – Mr. Rutherford

Mr. Smythe

Earl Maycroft

Chief Lyons

David Weinberg – Harrison’s lawyer

Mr. and Mrs. Clarke – Sean’s landlord and landlady. The couple that assisted Sean with his immigration to America and finding his job at The Astraea

Mr. Jensen



Blake Manning – science teacher, guide and part owner of an outdoor adventure company.

Zachary ‘Zac’ North – decides to go on the couple hike even though he’d recently broken up with his boyfriend.

Ali – Blake’s business partner and fellow guide on the hike. She has a wicked sense of humor.

Lori – married to Kerry, an accomplished photographer

Kerry – Adventurous and fun-loving, married to Lori

Chris Dyer – Easy going and long-suffering, he’s on the hike with his partner, Jeff

Jeff – Self-centered, demanding. On the hike with his partner, Chris

Jeremy “Germy” Hunt – friend of Zac’s. Went to school with Chris, but lost touch.



Evan Marshall – Evan is a Gemini and an introvert. He’s the oldest child. He has a sister three years younger than he is. His mother is a homemaker and his dad is an aerospace engineer.

Julien Bouvet – is an only child. His parents struggled for years to have a child, he is their pride and joy, and very spoiled. His mother is a nutritionist, and his father is French, he’s also a professor at the local University.  Julien is an Aries and an extrovert. Couldn’t guess that could you? 😉

Michael – Michael is a Virgo. He is moderately outgoing but is also an introvert. A Firefighter, he’s the second of two children. He has an older sister that’s five years older than he is. She loved bossing him around when they were little, but not in a malicious way. Michael adores his older sister and is used to being bossed around. He’s very easy going, but is also insecure. Not only does he adore his older sister, he idolizes his father and even though his father has never made Michael feel like he has to be like him, Michael has always compared himself to his dad and finds himself lacking.

His father was a firefighter until he almost lost his life in a firefighting accident. Luckily, he only lost his lower left leg. He wears a prosthesis and now teaches Fire Science at a college. His father is very friendly and outgoing, the perfect firefighter representative.

His mother is on the quiet side and hasn’t told me what she does yet.


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